Inspirational or pratical, the recipes are here to help you on your way to creating a lovely moment of food sharing...

Crispy, sweet and creamy at the same, a desert for chocolate and coffee lovers...

Ensemble en cuisine pour une salade belge de chicons avec du boudin noir et de la poire.

Op verzoek maakten we samen een Belgisch geïnspireerde witloofsalade met zwarte pens en peer.

The virtues of mint all gathered in refreshing sirup, bring the summer back in your glass.

French pancakes are made from basic ingredients and in no time, have a look, I'm sure you have them ready.

Learn how to make your own ravioli from scratch and have a bite of the genuine cucina Italiana della mamma.

Create your own natural lemonade and sweeten it up to your taste, a creative aperitif that will impress your guests

There are only a few recipes easier then making your own batch of granola, personalised breakfast at its best.

A brownie’s always the perfect treat for chocolate lovers, too much chocolate to keep it all for yourself, share it with at least 9 others…

A traditional soft brioche bread from the Alsace with raisins and almonds, it always is feels a bit like Christmas in “Le relais des troIs épis”.

An easy and straightforward recipe to make a lovely plum fruit tart in no time.

A crunchy sugary cinnamon bite at the top, a mild and creamy soft crumb on the inside, a divine teatime treat.

If you want to try something new with your carrots, this smooth crème can lift your dish to a higher dimension.

Surf and turf, the combination of the speck with the charr is very nice, the paprika completes it with a lovely sweet touch.

Crispy, sweet and sour, this strudel is cooked in water rather then baked in the oven, a surprising different bite.