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Nothing to take too serious, but I believe a simple code of conduct with mutual respect should keep us close...

Content creation and content value

The information shared on this website is based on personal experiences and research, it’s up to you to agree or to disagree on the content but keep in mind that it relies only on knowledge of the moment. This implies that the general truth might have evolved over time, I don’t intend to review all the articles to check them on their actual relevance. However, if you believe what you read to be so incredibly wrong that it revolts you in a way you could throw your computer out of the window, please don’t and meditate first before contacting me through the appropriate form. Do this with constructive and positive intentions, as I shudder at the opposite idea, let’s all make the world a better place to live in for everyone!
That’s why you won’t find restaurant reviews or articles with a negative connotation, I don’t see the point of telling you where not to go, or what not to try, that’s a bloody waste of time… Plus, what doesn’t please me, does not necessarily mean it’s bad, it’s just not my cup of tea I guess, and as I don’t mean to be disrespectful towards people working so hard to make it happen, I simply don’t write about it. If you like the food, than it is good food, it’s as easy as pie!
Unless specified, none of the content is sponsored, I prefer keeping my independency when to choosing topics to write about. In case I do am sponsored, what I write will always be a true reflexion of my beliefs and convictions, preserving my integrity!

Content propriety

What is written and displayed on the blog, stays on the blog! Even though I’m working on the conceptualization of the verbs “owning” and “possessing”,  I advocate the protection of intellectual property. This being said, if some of the content should inspire you to an extend you’re over excited to share it with your network, please contact me about it and remember to mention my website as your source of inspiration. In the end, that is the reason of being for the blog; inspiring others as much as I got inspired by so many…

Personal information

Subscription to the newsletter requires to share some of your personal information with me, I hereby guarantee that none of it will ever be passed on to third parties without your explicit approval.

Internet biscuits

To continue to improve the website, I use Google Analytics, that should help me to discover what catches your interest the most and can guide me in choosing new topics. Writing blog posts about topics that are perceived as irrelevant is a waste of time, of yours as well as mine. Feel free to send me some suggestions through the contact page. Google Analytics uses these so-called cookies, and unlike what it might suggest, it has nothing to do with food. Just so you’d know…

That’s about all I’ve got to say for know, thanks for your visit on the website and keep enjoying the good food…

And one more thing before you close this page and get inspired, the disclaimers you can find on similar blogs also apply for this one, that should save us some time to read and write.