We call them episodes, it's what we've experienced and fully lived. Similar to tv series they are a part of many more to come, we invite you to keep track of us and to get envolved in our story...

At Kitchenroots we not only wish to tell others' amazing stories, but like to create unforgettable moments of our own, with you and for you. That is why we created Table Stories.

As much as it was a challenge, baking pizza in a wood fired oven is an incredible sensation.

Here's how chocolate is made, from bean to bar, or to praline... I give you some insights in my favourites, what are yours?

Ever so faithful to their tradition, it results in wonderful pastries and jams of unequalled flavour. I had the true pleasure to be their guest and had a taste of the magic happening at “Le relais des trois épis”.

It only took a very brief working experience to understand the prominence of restaurant Bras, a respectable self-made Chef with a clear vision, local but timeless...

For bread, not every wheat strain is suitable, they carefully pick the most resistent ones with a high level of proteins.

Rough, and to the bone, to build it all up from scratch again, presenting it in its most purest form, simply natural. That’s what Chef Kobe and his In De Wulf* are about…

If you think Austria is all about half liter beers, Wiener schnitzels, sachertorte and apfelstrudel, you might reconsider your idea after reading this episode, or not...

A glance at Sverige's natural cuisine, a working experience at Mathias Dahlgren's gastronomic restaurant Matsalen** and his modern bistro Matbaren*.

A story about two young passionate gelatai opening an authentic gelateria in the neighbourhood of the harbour of Cervia.

The fourth edition of Chef sotto il Portico included our first Belgian participation, a nice cooking event in the belly of Italy, Emilia-Romagna.

Baking session with Stefan Elias, the passionate baker of the renowned Jewish bakery and patisserie Bloch in Ghent.