Puro & Bio

A story about two young passionate gelatai opening an authentic gelateria in neighbourhood of the harbour of Cervia.

Whenever I’m travelling to the region of Emilia Romagna in Italy, there's at least one place I always go back to, and that's Cervia, a lovely place at the Adriatic coast. Cervia has been a part of my love for the country from the very beginning and has opened its heart to me as I was part of the family. That actually, is one of the main reasons why people travel to Italy, to somehow live the idea we have of la mama Italia and her generous family. I couldn't agree more, I live it every time over and over again. Anyway, what makes Cervia so interesting is that they are living from two cultures at the same time; you have the fishers from one hand, obviously, and then the salt mines, sale dolce the Cervia, from the other, of which some actually date from the Etruscan era. Did you ever wonder where the word salary, or salarium in Latin, came from? From the word salt, sal in Latin! Interesting, isn't it? I'll get deeper into it in a future episode about Cervia and its gastronomic heritage, but this one is more specifically about one of those amazing places in particular. And even though it has just opened its doors, this ice cream bar or gelateria created a strong and young identity in accordance to the genuine Italian spirit.

Puro & Bio, pure and organic in English, is runned by Fede and Michi in Cervia, both enthusiastic and devoted young gelatai, Italian for ice cream makers, who believe in bringing authentic artisan ice cream with respect for their culture as well as for nature and environment. Puro & Bio is a franchised company, a consortium, which forms and supports the entrepreneurs in building up and managing an independent shop.

I immediately felt connected with the place and with these true ambassadors of this typical Italian product that often is copied but very rarely is duplicated... Consequently, the interior design has also been well thought through, using painted recycled crates on the ceiling for instance, it gives the place a fresh and young impression and confirms at the same time the expressed philosophy. Looking for the best ingredients Italy has to offer, they understand and accept the compromise there is to be made when to the choice between organic and conventional produce, it can't be to any extend and definitely not at the expense of quality. No artificial condiments are ever used and the sorbets are exclusively flavoured with seasonal fruit, and as we say the proof of the pudding is in the eating, which has been tested and approved! This complete story they bring adds up to the amazing flavours of the ice cream, a name well chosen for a pure experience. I would strongly recommend you the flaviours bacio and fiordilatte, but also the fruit sorbets are very nice. Bacio in Italian not only means kiss, it also refers to this typical Perugian chocolate bonbon filled with hazelnut and wrapped in a love note, sold throughout the whole world today.
The gelateria is situated near to the fish market and to some other of my favourite places in Cervia, such as the Circolo Piscatora La Pantofla, a traditional fish restaurant, and the piadina stall next to it.
Puro & Bio
Via Nazario Sauro 136,
48015 Cervia
www.puroebio.it (in Italian)