Yves Wailly & Bérangère Gohy

Yves and Bérangère believe in an increased involvement for the community in response to the growing need of convergence between the different layers of the world’s population in terms of human rights and social welfare.

Yves and Bérangère have already done their fair share of contributing to the internasocial society*, and continue doing so in their day-to-day choices. Being an elder brother Yves has always looked after us and supported us in time of need. It came as no surprise that he became a nurse and that he traveled along with Doctors without borders to countries where people needed urgent medical aid. I’m very much impressed about his unconditional devotion to help others, something he should take great pride in, but nonetheless he remains humble as it is about helping others in the first place. Bérangère, his life companion, is not much different from him and has taken a similar role in international aid missions abroad. Seems like a perfect match.
Besides saving the world, in a non-James-Bond-style, they have been the very first to support Kitchenroots in our chocolate development project by ordering their so-called sugar beans from us. Their choice for our homemade artisan chocolate from bean to bar to celebrate the birth of their first daughter Olivia has been an incredible privilege for Kitchenroots, and for myself of course.

*You might not be familiar with the concept of an “internasocial society”, no shame in that, have a look here to get a better understanding of this newer social global structure.