Michael Niclaus

Michael believes in raising public understanding of the hazards of alcohol and hopes to dissociate alcohol from fun.

Michael has been a good friend for over ten years now and has always been a part of my personal growth story. Side by side we developed our passions and discovered the true meaning of life, or at least what we want to make from it. Being a former alcoholic he experienced the downside of drinking and discovered how hard it was to cease after a few drinks and to keep away from it. His addiction and lack of discipline almost literally  led him to death until one day he was forced to face his problem. He was very lucky to be well-surrounded by people who care for him, and today he commits himself to help others to release them from their addiction. Furthermore he believes prevention is better than cure and so he inspires teenagers at schools to increase the awareness of the potential hazards of alcohol (ab)use, which he considers to be a hard drug and no different to others. It’s about creating a certain level of consciousness in today’s society, rather then prohibiting. Despite his relative young age his devotion and his sense of contribution to common responsibility have already led him to writing several books and made him to be one of Belgium’s first alcohol coaches. Needless to say why the above and Michael’s unconditional support as a friend make him one of Kitchenroots’ first believers. To learn more about Michael we refer to his websites and books through the following links:

debestebeslissing.be (in Dutch)