Jasmijn Roekaerts & Amaury De Cocquéau

Amaury and Jasmijn believe all the magic truly happens way out of your comfort zone, they have an insatiable curiosity that drives them to go out on the most peculiar adventures. It feeds their brain and stimulates their understanding that there is ever more to be discovered.

Nothing more important than having friends supporting you in all your projects, regardless of how crazy they might sound. Jasmijn and Amaury have agreed on taking a break from the rat race and to dive into the unknown. Their adventure challenges them to live in accordance with nature and to adopt the lifestyle of the ecofarms they ought to visit. Visiting sounds quite charming and romantic, but believe me, as they seek to be inspired by the encounters, they’ve accepted the hazards that come along. I admire the courage and open minded spirit these two have and love them from the bottom for their sincere friendship and support they’ve always shown me. It’s great to meet somewhere along our common pursuit of a balanced and natural life…

Their project Happea, a quite suitable name, evokes as much as the meaning implies. To understand how, take a look at their project and show them your support on the various social medias: Happea on Facebook and Instagram.